Despite the situation regarding coronavirus, our laboratory works without restrictions.

International fairs are prohibited and therefore we meet the needs of breeders and it is possible to pay VOUCHERS, ie prepaid analysis of samples (10 pcs, 20 pcs, 50 pcs, 80 pcs, 100 pcs).
Sample prices are at the level of prices on Nitra´s fairs. The more samples you subscribe to, the lower the price per sample, the price drops from 7.00 euros to 4.50.
Samples can be sent by mail, invoices and results are sent by mail (VOUCHERS 10P, 20P, 50P, 80P, 100P) or by email (VOUCHERS 10E, 20E, 50E, 80E, 100E).

Results by mail: VOUCHER prices are 10P – 70 euros, 20P – 130 euros, 50P – 300 euros, 80P – 440 euros, 100P – 500 euros.

Email results: VOUCHER prices 10E – 60 euros, 20E – 120 euros, 50E – 275 euros, 80E – 400 euros, 100E – 450 euros.

Prepaid samples do not need to be sent at once, it is possible to send them gradually whenever it suits you.
It is not necessary to purchase a voucher before sending samples. It is possible to send samples and state on the form that you want a VOUCHER, it is necessary to write the type of VOUCHER.

The validity of the voucher is unlimited, ie until it is used up.

Vouchers are numbered, the voucher number is always stated on the invoice. Each voucher has its own account on which the status is registered. The account status is also sent with each result. The voucher can be ordered by email, telephone, post (along with sent samples).

We send the invoice by email, post, or SMS.
The voucher number must be provided with each order, on each order form.

VOUCHERS for the detection of PBFD or APV can also be ordered.

Contact us at: 0905 550 916 or 0917 819 927.